Zero Carbon Act

Key Facts

  • While many other countries are reducing their emissions, New Zealand’s continue to rise. There is no plan to meet existing national targets or their commitment to the Paris Climate agreement.
  • The ZCA is based on the UK’s successful Climate Change Act which got cross-party support in 2008 and has been adopted in several other countries. It’s been adapted to work for New Zealand. Lots of research has been done, it’s currently a blueprint and if adopted there will be a few changes.
  • The overall goal is to have NZ get to Zero Carbon by 2050. Will require the Government to make a credible plan to reduce NZ’s emissions. Will be a legally binding target of net zero carbon by 2050 or sooner.
  • An independent Climate Commission will provide expert advice on what the Government needs to do to succeed. They will create five-year emission limits (‘carbon budgets’) will put New Zealand on track to zero carbon.
  • The Government must then produce a policy plan to meet the carbon budgets, and publish annual reports on its progress.

Protect Our Winters New Zealand is in favour of supporting the ZCA and we need your help to make it the most ambitious law possible. The ministry for the environment wants to hear your thoughts on the proposed Zero Carbon Bill.

Read POW’s ZCA Submission here

Want to learn more about the Zero Carbon Act?

  • Zero Carbon Act – information about the Zero Carbon Act proposal
  • Our Climate Your Say – Information from the Ministry for the Environment about their consultation process

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