This Is Why – Our Path to Carbon Zero – Wanaka

ONE Summit have three incredible speakers who will talk about not only ‘Why’ we need to get to Carbon Zero by 2050, but also, and perhaps more important, the ‘How To’.

Catherine Leining, one of New Zealand’s expert of climate mitigation policy and who co-leads Motu’s research and engagement programme on “Shaping New Zealand’s Low-Emission Future” will talk about the reality of climate change, our international obligations to reach carbon zero by 2050 and the various paths that can lead us there.

Ben Liley, one of our leading atmospheric scientists, leads NIWA’s research into our solar energy resource, mapping solar energy throughout New Zealand and will talk about our solar potential and our existing capacity to become Carbon Zero in New Zealand.

Finally to bring the discussion back to the How To, Stephen Canny, Group Manager Business and Strategic Projects for Venture Southland, will round out the discussion by talking about how Southland is laying out its pathway to get there through their Zero Carbon Southland initiative.

A discussion to inspire, start conversations, and get us thinking about what we can do as an individual, a business and a community to begin our journey along this path so that our kids don’t get left with the task of doing it.