We all love skiing, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking etc. We love playing in our local backyards. But these playgrounds we love might not be around for much longer if the world continues to burn fossil fuels at it’s current rate.

One of POW’s global calls to action this year is to connect local outdoor communities and provide a platform for them to take action and protect what they love. POW NZ will be hosting several local events with the theme of Protecting Our Playgrounds. We will use these events to:
  • Educate communities about public land in their local areas, and any risks or threats these areas face
  • Draw awareness to the carbon footprints of individuals and communities, and the options for these to be reduced
  • Inform participants about what the New Zealand and local governments are doing right now to address climate change and how they can help
  • Provide options for participants to contact their local councils to ask for greater action
  • Continue to mobilise the outdoor community to spread Protect Our Winters’ message

Get involved…

Wanaka Tree Planting Event – Friday 28th September

POW volunteers will be taking part in a special tree planting event in collaboration with the Te Kakano Aotearoa Trust. We’d love to have you along to help! Find out more about the event on our Facebook page. If you can’t make it along to our event, but would still like to help, you can make a donation! A tree will be planted for each $10 donated. DONATE TO PLANT A TREE
Want to learn more about how you can turn your passion into purpose? Would you like to help or host a Protect Our Playgrounds event near you? We’d love to hear from you. Click here to get in touch.