POW Seven

Now more than ever, it’s important that we all be climate conscious – doing everything we possibly can to enforce positive change. POW provides you with a pathway to becoming more climate friendly. The POW 7 is a list of seven things that we can easily do as passionate outdoor people to turn our passion into purpose. Follow the links to see what actions you can take next.

Every step counts – especially the first

#1 Live Simpler

  • Re-consider what you really need. Reduce your consuming and don’t make unnessecary purchases.
  • Buy higher quality products and take care of them in order for them to last longer.
  • Recycle what you no longer need. Reuse, resell and repurpose your gear.

#2 Educate yourself

Understanding and explaining the causes, impacts and solutions to climate change is crucial to taking action. Read up and educate yourself on how and why climate change is happening. We’ll help you with the following links and resources…

#3 Speak up, talk to your friends, family and workmates

  • Now that you’ve got some facts and feel more knowledgeable bring up the issue of climate change with your friends, family and coworkers. Climate change is often avoided in conversation but it shouldn’t be. It’s the most important issue facing our outdoor communities, our mountains, our businesses and our friends and family whether they know it or not. If you like snow, chances are everyone else does too.
  • Talk about how winter is changing and how less snow is having an impact on your social life and on your local economy. Talk about how you’re concerned for future generations. Conversation starters? Did you know you can change your kiwi saver account to a fund that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels?

#4 Find Your Biggest Lever

  • We all have the ability to have an impact on climate change; you just need to find your biggest lever. What’s yours? What are your connections? Do you have a large social media following?
  • Repost from POW’s channels and post what you’ve been learning about climate change and what you can do to make a difference.
  • Are you a business ower? Make sure you have a strong corporate sustainability program. Address the impacts of your products at all ends of the supply chain. Do you work for a business large or small? Speak to your management team about how you can help them develop more sustainable practises.
  • Do you know a climate scientist or an audience that would like to have a climate scientist speak to them? You could organise a talk with them.
  • Are you a good writer or do you know someone who is? Write an op-ed in your local paper.
  • Are you part of a community group of some sort? A young parents group? Farmers group? Teachers group? You always have more power in numbers. If you step back and look at your networks you’ll find you actually have lots of leverage, you just need to use it to create change.

#5 Talk to businesses. Vote with your wallet

  • Support companies that put the environment first and actively support businesses who support POW. Read about out our partners here.
  • Understand what companies are doing to limit climate change
  • Support businesses that share your values
  • Check out our partners that support POW. Learn more about B-Corps http://bcorporation.com.au/bcorp_nz and 1% for the planet.
  • Encourage businesses to become more sustainable
  • Call companies out on things they can be doing to be more environmentally friendly
  • Encourage businesses to be more sustainable.
  • Encourage businesses who are making positive steps towards climate change
  • Use Instagram, twitter, FB as social media platforms
  • Encourage your employer to make positive changes (Create a template email you can send out)
  • Support companies that put the environment first and actively support businesses who support POW. Read about out our partners here.

#6 Change your ways, reduce your carbon footprint

  • Just a few centimeters of snow can make a big difference and make for an amazing day on the hill, incorporating a few changes in your everyday life can make a big difference too.
  • Eat less meat and dairy
  • Drive less
  • Carpool up the mountain
  • Support eco-friendly companies, reuse, resell, repurpose ski gear, bring your own snacks and water to the hill.
  • Travel more consciously, fly less.
  • Reduce plastic consumption

#7 Join POW

  • Join the movement. We’ll give you the knowledge, tools and opportunities to help NZ develop positive climate practices. It’s easy and it doesn’t cost anything. Become a volunteer. With 2.4 million outdoor sports enthusiasts in NZ. We can be a major force to encourage positive change.
  • Sign up to volunteer with POW – let us know you want to help by emailing info@protectourwinters.nz.
  • Host an event for POW! Ask us how you can plan an event to educate your community about climate change. Know a student or work at a school? Help get our Hot Planet Cool Athletes program into primary and high schools to teach the next generation about climate change.
  • Know a business or large employer that would like to get involved with our Hot Planet Cool Athletes program? We’d also love to come chat to your ski school, your adventure camp or to your shop staff.

You know the rest – follow us on social medial, sign up for our email list, and when we ask you to take action… do it!