Our Team

Anna Collett

I’m a passionate snowboard instructor and climate science enthusiast who is currently chasing the snow across double winters. Being invested in climate action from a young age I jumped at the chance to make a difference in my own backyard with the team at POW NZ. With our warming world causing rapid changes across multiple winter industries it is imperative that we harness the need for action to make positive change in our communities. It’s a huge task, but with New Zealand being known for innovation and optimism there’s plenty of hope to protect the future of our winter. You’ll find me bouncing around the North Island between winter seasons, helping to unite snow-lovers across the straight.

Corrah Phillips

I have been chasing winters for almost 8 years now following competition circuits, chasing storms and frothing on snow. In this time I have seen a lot of change, uproar and neglect towards the Earth. Being immersed in winter all year round I have had a good look at the change we have experienced and the problems we now face. With all of my idols apart of protect our winters and its movements I saw immediate change occurring from this rad organisation and was itching to get involved. Protect our Winters coming to New Zealand couldn’t have come at a better time, New Zealanders are ready and waiting for easy opportunities that they can sink their teeth into and make a difference. For my generation especially, this is the core of our future and something so many people can get behind. I am so stoked to be a part of this movement and cannot wait to see how far we can take it in New Zealand!

Marian Krogh

I’ve spent many winter seasons in Aspen, Colorado, a mountain town where POW has a large presence. I saw the positive impact that POW’s work was having on the outdoor community and was inspired by how POW was connecting outdoor enthusiasts from many walks of life and helping them turn their passion into purpose and take real action. I decided it was about time there was more positive action happening in my own outdoor communities in New Zealand and so set about creating this amazing team and together we’ve formed POW NZ.

Melanie Joan Llyod

I’m all about searching out your passions, which has led me to become a team member of Protect Our Winters NZ. I’m a University of Otago graduate in Law and European Studies with a special interest in environmental law and climate change adaptation in the Pacific. I also previously instructed snowboarding at Cardrona Alpine Resort and I’ve got a huge love for the New Zealand mountains. When not head down in my next project, you can find me snowboarding, kayaking, bungy jumping, out tramping and living adventures.

Tina Filipovski

My love for the mountains and winter was sparked early in life and it hasn’t gone away yet! I discovered a passion for skiing and other mountain, lake and river adventuring in general and made a lot of changes in my life and lifestyle so that I can live close to these natures. My new mission and drive is to do my part in ensuring we preserve our natural world for all to enjoy not just for now but the infinite future. Climate change is real and the time for action was yesterday, however, here and now as a pownz advocate and my role in grant and fundraising, I hope that my dedication and actions contribute to permanent changes in the way we live, in the direction of sustainable living and in harmony with our environment.