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Climate Voter Resources

POW is strictly non-partisan so we won’t tell you who to vote for but we would like to provide resources and information to help you be a climate voter. Check out the summaries and links below which we’ve shared from the parties and candidates themselves or other news or educational groups.

Here are links to all of the parties environmental policies on They have comprehensive summaries of most parties policies and MP profiles. Remember every policy impacts upon emissions, not just environmentally focused policies. Have a look at a party’s housing, transport, economic recovery, agriculture and energy policies.

On The Fence

Another great resource is On The Fence. They have a short survey you can take to see which parties share your values.

Your local MP

Voting for your local MP is just as important as voting for a Party. The MP in each electorate with the most votes gets a seat in parliament. It’s their job to represent your local issues at a national level so it’s important they are also onboard with strong climate policies. If you live in the Waitaki or Southland Districts we contacted all the local MP’s to ask for their plans and thoughts on climate action. Those who responded have their answers summarised here.

Other resources

Forrest and Bird Youth have created party scorecards. They give people, especially rangatahi, a clearer picture on how to vote for nature in election 2020. They also show how far every party still has to go when it comes to protecting and restoring Te Taiao.

Newsroom have asked all parties five questions about their plans to tackle climate change and rising emissions from agriculture. See their summaries here along with several other articles covering climate change and the 2020 election.

Greenpeace asked the top five parties what they committed to to do about climate change and the environment. See their scorecards here.

Generation Zero have written this great article and have this infographic about how to vote with a climate lens, specifically how to consider climate justice when voting.

We hope these resources help you to be a climate voter. Thanks for working together to Protect Our Winters. Remember you can vote any day between now and Saturday. See you at the polls!

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