Board Members

Ian Menmuir – chair

This is exciting. POW NZ. What a fantastic, growing community to, which I’m stoked to be a part of. I’ve been skiing since the late 1970s, chased winters through Queenstown and Europe in the 1990s and finally made it back here in 2021 after 5 years in Chamonix!
I have witnessed two significant things. One, the visible effect us humans have on our environment and climate and two, the power of engaging such a highly motivated outdoor community – from snow geeks to summer sun-addicts. All passionate about doing more.
I believe there is so much more in every one of us, and if we can be made to see it, we’ll never settle for less. This is common amongst pretty much everyone in our global outdoor community. We always strive to do a little more every day. In NZ, we have an opportunity. To bring every community member, from the summits and oceans, winter and summer, to make change happen. To educate ourselves, encourage and support our whānau, make good choices and never settle for less.