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We need your help to get a strong, ambitious Zero Carbon Bill in New Zealand. Getting in touch with your local MP is one of the best ways you can engage with government in order to create political change.

Below is a sample letter that you can use as a starting point. Please add to this and change as you see fit, the more personal your letter is, the better.

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My name is… and I live in ….

I am a dweller of the Earth. You are too. You represent me in parliament. I plead to you to do all in your power to ensure that the Zero Carbon Bill is as ambitious as possible.

Everything we know is at risk due to climate change. Our beautiful playgrounds in the high mountains of New Zealand are already starting to bear the brunt of our rapidly changing climate. It may seem trivial, but for many of us the mountains are our most cherished places. They are the environments that bring us the most joy, and they directly provide livelihoods for thousands of New Zealanders in the outdoor industry.

(Add a bit about how you/your family/your business etc are being/will be impacted by climate change. Make it personal.)

You may have heard about the sobering findings of the latest IPCC report, in which it is stressed just how urgently radical change is needed. Now is not the time to be placid or complacent. David Tong, WWF-NZ Senior Campaigner responded to the report saying; “This is a challenge, but New Zealanders have a history of doing incredible things in the face of big global challenges.”

This is your chance to be a part of New Zealand’s great response. Ensuring this bill goes ahead as intended by Generation Zero could well be one of the most impactful decisions of your life.

Please do what needs to be done,

Kind Regards

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