Our Team

Corrah Phillips

I have been chasing winters for almost 8 years now following competition circuits, chasing storms and frothing on snow. In this time I have seen a lot of change, uproar and neglect towards the Earth. Being immersed in winter all year round I have had a good look at the change we have experienced and the problems we now face. With all of my idols apart of protect our winters and its movements I saw immediate change occurring from this rad organisation and was itching to get involved. Protect our Winters coming to New Zealand couldn’t have come at a better time, New Zealanders are ready and waiting for easy opportunities that they can sink their teeth into and make a difference. For my generation especially, this is the core of our future and something so many people can get behind. I am so stoked to be a part of this movement and cannot wait to see how far we can take it in New Zealand!